About Tobi

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With a Master’s degree in applied mathematics from Johns Hopkins, Tobi is most passionate about leading high-impact initiatives and solving complex technical problems. Tobi’s leadership style is all about authenticity, transparency, and leaning into strengths. She tends to bring cohesiveness and strategy to teams and focuses on effective communication at all levels. Tobi has the ability to work crossfunctionally across different groups to deliver due to her influence. This has enabled her to build predictive systems for Fortune 500 companies resulting in billions in revenue and multiple patents.

Aside from the decade of experience in technology that Tobi has under her belt, she is Ivy-league educated and completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. In her latest venture, Tobi has drawn on her passion for AI to found Ilekun Health, a company whose mission is to bring transparency to health care. Ilekun Health’s proprietary technology gleans insight around provider quality, services offered, and price from a deluge of complex unstructured health data using artificial intelligence (AI). The insight produced is easy to consume and access thereby empowering patients to make sound decisions around their health.

Tobi believes in giving back by sharing her talents with the community. Nigerian
and a Jersey native, she is a fellow of the American Association of University Women.

Speaking Topics


AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data

Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering

Non – Technical

Leadership and mentorship

Overcoming double minority (intersectionality) status